Onboarded startups

M/s. Redwood Research

Mr. Srikanth Meenakshi, Co-founder

Ms. Vidya Bala, Co-founder

Ms.Bhavana Acharya, Co-founder

Domain: Provides unbiased, high quality research and recommendation platform for personal finance. It focuses on the Mutual funds, Deposits, ETFs and Term Insurance.

M/s. Lamp Finmart India Pvt Ltd

Mr.Narasimhan Venkataraman, Director

Mr.Sekar Sundaram Prasanth, Director

Domain: Lein Asset Management, Non performing assets Sale data through interactive portal with a yearly subscription.

M/s. Transact Nexus Technology Pvt Ltd

Mr. Sathish Kumar, CEO

Domain : Provides CRM based super PoS (Point of Sale) loaded with multi vendors, multi products solution to carry out the financial services over cloud platform.

Its focus area are easy to access last mile banking, money remittance, Telecom recharges, utility bills, travel, prepaid cards, rural & agriculture development and other financial inclusions products.

e-Development of India as the engine for transition into a developed nation and an empowered society.

M/s. Annona IT solutions

Mr.Partho Chakraborty, Founder

Domain : Tasthana, deposit management solution, helps banks get more deposits of a bare minimum of ₹ 1,000 Crores per annum, if not more which is over and above the existing deposits.

Sector : Core Banking Deposits


Mr.Jaideep Pawar,  Founder

Domain :  Building Digital payments acceptance infrastructure for Tier 3 to Tier 6 locations in India. Focus is on Cooperative Banks , MFI’s & Financial Institutions wanting to scale its network to Rural    Market.

Sector : Financial Inclusion and Digital Payments

M/s. Loan4fauji

Mr.Amith Deshmukh , Founder

Domain : It is India’s First & only online marketplace of financial products &   services  exclusively catering services to Military, Paramilitary & Ex-servicemen.

sector : Marketplace Financial Products & Services

M/s.Entritt Solutions /Campus Dunia

Mr.Manik Soodan , Founder

Domain : CampusDunia is tech enabled innovative Web and Mobile      Aggregator Platform which  offers Instant Study Loan to Applicants through its Multiple NBFC’s by the Use of AI & ML

Sector : Lending , Prepaid cards , Neo Banking and Payment Solutions

M/s.Finos Technologies Pvt ltd.,

Mr.Arun Rajeev Sankaran, Founder

Domain : Fintech B2B SaaS Digitalizing Financial Institutions especially Microfinance & Credit Cooperatives to    operate like modern digital banks.

Sector : Financial Inclusions

M/s.Paxdha Fintech Pvt Ltd.,

Mr.Sathish Vijayan , Founder

Domain : Nexdha provides short–term credit at the speed of the internet. Our first      product, (CC2CASA allows you to pay from your credit card into any bank  account. We are in the process of    tying up with NBFCs to provide other related credit products

Sector : Lending / Credit

M/s.Fairex Solutions Pvt Ltd.,

Mr.Nagaraja Kattelu, Founder

A global, aggregation platform of leading regulated payment providers for execution of cross border payments enabling Banks & NBFCs deliver services in 200+ countries & 130+ currencies, have better Fx spreads, Directly integrate with ERP/ TMS systems of enterprises for all the Fx payments in real-time.

Sector : Global payments and remittances


Mr. Vinaya Sathyanarayana Founder

Kutumba is your family’s financial seatbelt.

Kutumba empowers your family with financial-life awareness and   financial-life preparedness by helping you to discover, document,   risk-proof, and share your financial-life information with your family.

Sector : Financial Inclusions

M/s. RNLP Consulting and Technology Services Pvt Ltd.,

Mr.Mahendra Panchal, Founder

We are committed to improving the overall HealthCare ExperienceThe first problem statement which we are solving for Hospitals is    the Claims Experience and the Cashflow requirements associated with it. Apart from that we are in process of developing a Buy Now Pay Later proposition for the people in need of HealthCare.

Sector : Insurance, Finance & Healthcare

M/s. IFTS IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.,

Mr.Amit Yadav , Founder

Sector :  Financial Inclusions

M/s. Finance eKarrt

Mr.Ganga Ram Gupta , Founder

Next generation neutral marketplace Bank for instant customized rate    quotes on loans/credit cards & other financial products & provides credit access, choice & control to MSMEs and Farmers who are under-served / un-served from the formal sector and work as a financial match- making platform with unique algorithm along with alternative credit score

Sector : Full stack Marketplace Neo Bank driving financial inclusion

M/s. Cardsto

Mr.Puneet Bakshi, Founder

Cardsto Private Limited is backed by the State Government of  Himachal Pradesh, IIT Mandi and Finblue (STPI). Cardsto Intend to Build a Neo Banking-CUM-Fintech platform for the young adults of    India to Give them Simplest and Best banking as well as fintech experience . So that people can Manage , Save and Track their money in a smarter way.

Sector : Neo banking and payments

M/s. Kapitaal Kaapslock

Mr.Santosh, Founder

KapiitalKapslock provides the fintech solution for the Financial Institution offering various set of products and solutions, Our product SquareNow is a complete technology set Which provide End to End solution for            Financial Institution,SquareNow was born out of the year’s association  with many of the NBFC’S, understand their business operations from the ground level till management level to provide the excellent business solutions.

Sector : Banking

M/s. Finplex

Mr. Yashraj Singh , Founder

Finplex is an online learning and developing knowledge and   prudence for users for investing in the stock markets where    users can learn and earn at  the same time. It is a learning     platform with competitive spirit and has an aim connecting      people to financial literacy and inclusion by way of learning by doing.

Sector : Wealth Advisory


Mr.Neha Misra, Founder

The app provides  comprehensive micro courses on personal finance and fintech with  in app quizzes and an option to book individual         consultation and mentoring sessions. We aspire to elevate financial     literacy beyond opening bank accounts highlighting emerging avenue like DeFi, Financial Literacy powered investments, Sustainable Finance, Islamic Finance, Wealth Inequality, Savings, Quant Funds and more

Sector :  Wealth Advisory

M/s. Fridae.ai

Mr.Ankit Agarwal , Founder

Sector : Payments

M/s. AK Finserv

Mr.Anand ,Founder

Inventory counting and verification solution

M/s. 1M Global

Mr.Mahindra, Founder

Sector : Neo banking and financial services



World First Automated Verifiable Cross border Remittance,  Money exchange and payment Machine designers and developers, Remittance and exchange ERP developers and MSB and core banking API developers.

Sector : Remittance, Exchange and Banking solution

M/s. Arka Insurance

Mr.Shriramchandran K , Founder

World First Automated Verifiable Cross border Remittance,  Money exchange and payment Machine designers and developers, Remittance and exchange ERP developers and MSB and core banking API developers.


M/s. Drucker and Grove Fintech Private Limited

Mr.Vikram Hirawat K , Founder

Roundups is an AI-based Money management platform with AI-driven personalized advice, Linking all accounts in one place, Budget using customized templates , Tracking all investments in one place.

M/s.One Stack Solutions (P) Ltd.,

Mr.Palak Thakral  , Founder

White label Mobile Banking Application, the 500 million Internet users.

M/s.Nullpointer Analytics (P) Ltd.,

Mr.Balasubramniam Sundaresan , Founder

SaaS Startup to solve the most complex problems in the Indian financial system ranging from credit loss computation to asset price forecasting using AI, ML, mathematical modelling and statistical calculus.

M/s.V2RT Insuruetech solutions pvt ltd.,

Mr.varun gawarikar , Founder

Online platform for Commercial Insurance claims intimation, evidence collation and collection, automated report generation.


Mr.Sathyatra Saxena, Founder

P2P digital lending platform that aims to deliver value to individuals and MSMEs by improving their access to institutional credit despite the absence of a conventional financial history We have used blockchain technology to create a trust environment where transactions happen between unrelated peers .

M/s.Paysmart Payment Technologies Private Limited

Mr.Sivaganesh, Founder

Automating the digital banking needs of businesses especially in the area of Bulk payouts and spreaded collection. Automating through API and mitigating the errors Intelligent dashboard to support decision making.

M/s.Procom (Vaada)

Mr.Himanshu Soni, Founder

Create a network of small shopkeepers in over 70 categories, who are selling or delivering essential or non-essential products and services required by any family. The system is based on Mutual Credit Network managed by Centralised Digital Ledger System that sets off and reconciles payments with receivables indirectly for all trades.

M/s.House of Creators (Crater) (Sports Index Tech (P) Ltd.,

Mr.Namay Kedia, Founder

Credit cards to Social Media Creators based on their social media revenue and following.


M/s.Wealides Fintech Private Limited (sayF)

Mr.Priyesh v Gandhi, Founder

SayF is a personal finance app that helps users to save, invest and optimize their spending for a better future, On each purchase users can save between5% to 25% investment.

M/s.Transit infra llp

Mr.Jayaditya singh, Founder

Short-term credit to commercial vehicle owners to solve their problem of liquidity of money to complete their trips like diesel toll tax and food.

M/s.Farmeasy Technologies Private Limited

Mr.Gunajit Brahma, Founder

Digital platform to facilitate easy access to affordable financial services to Farmers like Farm Loan, Crop Insurance, Livestock Insurance. Created a proprietary algorithm to determine credit worthiness of farmers by evaluating over 80 individual parameters, 600 data-sets and over 10Mn data from Govt database with our Credit worthiness &  Risk assessment scorecard.

M/s.Bottom Street

Mr.Gupil Kapoor, Founder

Financial content discovery platform helping Retail Investors and Traders discover smart investment ideas.

M/s.Ipowerfi Technologies Pvt Ltd (CB_Zero)

Mr.Amit Relan, Founder

Fraud and risk solutions  – Chargeback Management.


Mr.Nitin Khandelwal, Founder

OneNDF is an online marketplace for Small-Medium Businesses, having facilitated over 2,000 Crore of debt with 1000 SMEs and 90 Lenders.

M/s.Fayda (Business Sense Technology (P) Ltd.,

Mr.Piyush Nagar, Founder

Blockchain-based Rewards ecosystem for Retails and Hospitality businesses to help them get and retain customers.

M/s.Equal fincare

Mr.Midhun, Founder

Indias most accessible fintech solution that could help senior citizens and persons with disabilities manage their finances and help their loved ones have a peace of mind.


Mr.Akhilesh Tripathix, Founder

M/s.Shubhalaxmi Future Solutions Opc pvt ltd

Mr.Sambit Sahoo, Founder

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