The Program



  • FinBlue offers a integrated program to Start-ups to scale through its incubation facility by providing access to SandBox environment consist of APIs of different participating banks, NPCI products Core Banking Software and other enabling services through various stakeholders.

Infrastructure Facility

  • Access to US$ 5,000 credit for cloud computing and business support from major cloud service providers like AWS, Azure etc.
  • Access to the various products and knowledge support that will be provided by National Payments Corporation of India.
  • Access to Program Monitoring and Bug tracking tools provided by IIT Madras


  • Responsible for identifying domain specific software tools and offering the same to start-ups.
  • Deploying full-time resource presence and organizing peer meetings with mentors at regular intervals.
  • Creating a platform for accessing the mentor through an online portal.
  • Train/educate start-ups in the fields of research, user experience and business technology courses with cutting edge programming and deep-tech applications.
  • Support the start-ups for developing Proof of Concept, provide mentoring for designing & development and help start-ups to convert their idea into a reality.
  • Transforming the start-ups from idea level to Prototype level, Prototype level to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) level, MVP level to GTM level and graduating the start-ups into full-fledged company status.
  • Providing a multidisciplinary approach in developing innovative products based on identified business challenges.
  • Support for developing, enhancing and piloting start-ups prototype and business model in a collaborative environment.
  • Conducting needs-based mentoring sessions on legal, compliance, branding, cyber security, tech etc.


  • FinBlue shall carry out effective marketing by organizing knowledge sessions, conducting road shows, creating the FinTech CoE web platform, organizing networking events, conducting social media marketing and connecting relevant service providers.
  • International events/programs shall be organized to attract global visibility.
  • Partnerships with key international promotional agencies shall be carried out for cross border collaboration.•


  • FinBlue shall monitor and guide start-ups through dedicated portfolio managers and start-up support executives.
  • FinBlue shall review and monitor the progress/performance of start-ups periodically and take necessary action as and when required in co-ordination with PMG.

Funding and investment

  • FinBlue shall support and guide start-ups for raising funds towards PoC, MVP and Marketing as well as scaling up through grants, equity and debt by leveraging connections with potential customers and CSR/Corporate sources as well as angels, High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) and VCs as per appropriate size of start-ups.

Additional services

  • STPI has signed MoU with M/s NRDC (National Research and Development Corporation) for filing Intellectual Property Rights such as Patenting (Drafting & Filing), Trademark, Copyright and any other IPR related support/legal/statutory support.


Online broking, advisory
Account Opening, Deposit, Withdrawal, Money Transfer, Lead generation.
SME Financing, Consumer Lending, P2P Lending, Crowd-funding
Within India, International Remittance into India
Smart Risk Assessment, Premium Optimization, Policy Management, Claim Management
Risk and compliance
KYC, Anti Money Laundering, Transaction monitoring, Credit Decisioning, Taxation, Legal, Risk Management & Audit
Wealth Advisory
Robo-advisory, platform for investment in Mutual Funds/ unlisted and listed securities, thematic investments
Financial Inclusions
Banking the Unbanked and Under banked, AEPS
Regular, Fixed, Recurring, Variable Insurance (InsurTech) Life, General, Health
Pay as you go insurance Credit Rating, Alternate Credit Scoring System Lending (online, Peer to Peer), full stack including NBFC Investments
Mutual Funds, SIP, LRS based payments
Various Models - NFC, Tap and Pay, UPI, In Person, Remote, Payment Gateway. Digital Wallets, POS Terminals and Online Payment Gateways for billings, bookings and recharge transactions, P2P payments
Horizontals across these categories
Digital KYC, Digital/ Document Management, Risk Management Compliance,
Regulation, Data Sciences / Big Data / Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, Biometrics, Virtual Reality, Blockchain in Financial Services, Security and authentication.


Company Type

The start-up must be incorporated as a

  • Private Limited Company (as defined in the Companies Act, 2013) or 
  • Registered Partnership Firm (Regd. under section 59 of the Partnership Act, 1932) or
  • Limited Liability Partnership (under the Liability Partnership Act 2008)

The date of registration/incorporation must not be beyond 10 years.

  • The challenge invites the proposals/applications from Indian Start-ups who are working in domain related to software product development
  • Start-ups registered with DPIIT under start-up India programme are encouraged to participate in this programme.
  • Individual Academicians, Researchers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, partnership firms, LLPs may also participate, however, if they are selected then they will have to register as private limited company in a stipulated time (preferably within 3 months).

Annual Turnover

Start-up should have an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 100 crore for any of the financial years since its incorporation.

Original Entity

Entity should not have been formed by splitting up or reconstructing an already existing business.

Innovative & Scalable

Entity working towards innovation, development or improvement of products, processes or services or if it is a scalable business model with high potential of employment generation or wealth creation.

Terms & Conditions

  • Start-ups have to operate from FinBlue Incubation facility at STPI Chennai.
  • Each start-up will be offered upto  5 seats (On Case to Case basis).
  • Each start-up has to offer an equity of upto 3% to STPI as per the present valuation.

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